Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – October 2017

I’m pleased to attach the October issue of Sparks From the Spa. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Just a few quick items for you.

Don’t forget the club meeting this Monday, October 9. Yes, it’s Columbus day. I hope you have a nice day off of work, so come to the meeting. Board Meeting is at 6:30, and General Membership meeting is 7:00 PM.

Apple Walk is this Saturday at Burnt Hills. See the newsletter for information.

Be sure to monitor our repeaters (147.00 and 147.24) this Saturday morning. The organizers of the SET (Section Emergency Test) have been very tight-lipped about SET this year, we may have a surprise exercise.

Jim Polewczak KG2H

Simulated Emergency Test (SET)

ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service

On SATURDAY, October 7th, the annual ARRL/ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will take place, and Saratoga County amateur radio operators will be taking part. The objective is to activate as many stations from as many county locations, including served agencies, as possible. The goal is to demonstrate that our county can activate a corps of radio operators quickly in case of a real emergency. Points are awarded based on the nature of each QSO, and each county will report its results to the section emergency coordinator for ENY by noon that same day.

The exercise begins at 9 am and runs until 11 am for home, portable and mobile participants. You can take part by checking-in to the club’s linked 2-meter repeaters (147.00 & 147.240) or 147.360 at or about 9:00 a.m. to obtain an assignment. This year we’ll be focusing our efforts on the Northwestern portion of the County. If you can commit to a few hours on Saturday morning, maybe up until noon if we’re getting good results, take a drive towards the Northwestern portion of the county and check-in with NET control. We’ll be looking to test communications in the following areas: Providence, Edinburgh, Day, Hadley, and Corinth. You may need to use the Warren County repeater 146.730, minus offset, 100 Hz at some of the locations so you should check to ensure you have that frequency in your radio(s).

  • Check-in to the SET network on the club repeaters from each location.
  • Do this as many times as you can … then enjoy your morning, knowing you’ve made a real contribution to Saratoga County’s emergency preparedness.

The RULES for scoring are available.

Also, ARRL SET FORMS (and lots of other useful stuff). Look for “Form A” towards the button of the list.

73 and thank you,
Fred – W2EMS

Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – September 2017

Hi, All.

Here it is, it’s after Labor Day, and I hope you all had a wonderful summer so far.

The big news is that this Sunday, we will be holding our 32 annual hamfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa. I am attaching the final version of our 2017 Hamfest flyer in case you want to forward it on to a friend. Please note that we will have 2 new equipment vendors this year. KJI Electronics who usually comes to our event, PLUS a new (for us) vendor, RW Antenna Store. Be sure to bring lots of money to support both our vendors.

Don’t forget, after the whoop de do on Sunday, we have our regular club meeting the next day at 7 PM at the Wilton EMS building, particulars are in the attached Sparks from the Spa Newsletter. This is one of our longest newsletters, as lots of things happened over the summer. I hope you enjoy it.

Jim KG2H

Hamfest is Sunday – Two New Equipment Dealers

Great News for the Hamfest!

RW Antenna Store from Lockport NY just notified us that he will attend our hamfest, bringing a full line of ham radio equipment, and he wants 10 tables. KJI Electronics will be here too.

Bring ALL your money, and try to spread it around fairly — hi. A revised 2017 Hamfest flyer is available.

See y’all on Sunday.

Peter – W2BEW